Friday, October 23, 2009

Dormant Strength is of Little Use

शक्तोऽपि जनस्तिरस्क्रियां लभते l
लङ्घ्यो वन्हिर्न तु ज्वलितः ll

Even if a person is powerful (शक्तोऽपि), if he does not show that power (अप्रकटीकृतशक्तिः), people will regard him with contempt (जनस्तिरस्क्रियां लभते).

When the fire is inside the wood (निवसन्नन्तर्दारुणि) (in a latent state), anyone can walk over it (लङ्घ्यो). (But this is not so in the case) of a burning fire (वन्हिर्न तु ज्वलितः).

It is not enough that a person is powerful. On occasion it is necessary to make evident that power. No one should be in doubt of a person's capability to use his power if needed.

What is true about a person is true about a nation also. Sometimes it is necessary to show our strength to stop further aggression.

China is currently testing India by making controversial statements about Arunachal Pradesh- an Indian state. It has protested against Indian PM Manmohan Singh's ' recent visit to the “disputed area” and asked India not to “stir up trouble” there'.

India has merely expressed its “disappointment and concern”.

The Dalai Lama is to visit Arunachal Pradesh next month.

News agency Reuters reports that 'Beijing could see the Dalai Lama's trip as encouraging the Tibetan struggle by undermining Chinese territorial integrity'.

Why does India not protest against such wording?

Who knows whether India even has any potential for fire. But if we do have some, now is the time to show China that we do.


Vinod_Sharma said...

When I read the Subhashitam, India came first to mind! And then I read what you had written so nicely.

China has not only memorised these Subhashits but is employing their lessons to perfection against India.

If a powerful person who does not show its strength on occasion is treated with contempt, how can a powerless one expect to be treated with respect? This basic lesson has eluded India ever since it became Independent.

There can also be no fire in wood that is wet. India believes that tears of morality will pay required dividend. No fire can be lit in a wood made wet in this manner.

Ugich Konitari said...

I think we are so caught up in the trappings and decorations of authority, that we forget what a responsible authority is. Google Maps shows Arunachal Pradesh in China, and ,we do nothing. ,China acts as if Dalai Lama is entering ,their ,country in Arunachal Pradesh, and we say we are ,disappointed.

There is fire inside the wood. But we are so good at destroying the wood itself before it can burn with the fire.

manju said...

Vinodji- I think Subhashits can teach us many things, but today many people feel it is politically incorrect to learn or use Sanskrit- I have read disparaging remarks about Sanskrit on several blogs.

Re: India- it is a sad situation indeed if we cannot show any strength at all.

Ugich Konitari- Yes, I read that about google maps.

Certainly our government is not behaving responsibly by letting China and the international community to get away with so much with impunity!

radha said...

I like the way you give a new interpretation to an old sanskrit saying. This is surely one way of popularising the language - atleast creating an interest in it! Great job.

manju said...

Radha- Thank you! There is a lot to learn from Sanskrit. People from other countries have realized this.

If we search the net for sites relating to Sanskrit literature, there are many by people from Britain, Germany and other countries too. It must be so much more difficult for them to learn the language than for us!